Just wondering How can you tell if you got and infection in your vagina?

Answer Foul odor, itchiness, burning, thick discharge, unusual color.If it's a yeast infection, you can get a cream at a drugstore, like Monistat. If it's any other kind of infection you have to go see yo... Read More »

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I am peeing blood, it hurts too.. i just wondering if i drink cranberry juice if it well clear the infection.?

Go to doctor if u have blood in urine ..I have a congential kidney condition and I know from experience that you dont want to delay

Does a Urine Infection make your vagina itchy?

Yes urine infection (UTI) makes your vestibule [Inner hole of Vagina] itchy. Its not normal i would say neither a symptom of HIV/AIDS.but in some cases you are not allowed to have sex with anyone h... Read More »

Can you ice your vagina to stop swelling from a yeast infection?

Yes, although you should not leave the ice on for long periods of time. Yeast infection generally do not cause significant swelling, so if this occurs you should speak with your doctor as it may no... Read More »

You and your boyfriend were dry humping and you just had your pants on and he was putting his penis by your vagina is there any way you can be pregnant?

The chances of you getting pregnant through underwear and pants are very slim. Semen has been known to travel through bodily fluids without penetration taking place. However, through pants is not l... Read More »