Just wondering How can you tell if you got and infection in your vagina?

Answer Foul odor, itchiness, burning, thick discharge, unusual color.If it's a yeast infection, you can get a cream at a drugstore, like Monistat. If it's any other kind of infection you have to go see yo... Read More »

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I'm wondering if i have HIV or what my eye infection is about?

Did you have canker sore in your mouth when you had sex? If not, you don't need to be afraid because virus won't pass through intact mucous membrane. Even so, you might still have a little chance o... Read More »

Can getting pee in the vagina cause an infection or vaginal problems?

Urine in the verchina is just like douchin it will make her verchina all clean now.

I have a very itchy vagina, it hurts while having sex , can it be yeast infection?

Yes, you may have a yeast infection. I hate to say it, but stop having sex for a while. You gave your yeast infection to your husband. Most men just carry the infection and give it back to you la... Read More »

Does a Urine Infection make your vagina itchy?

Yes urine infection (UTI) makes your vestibule [Inner hole of Vagina] itchy. Its not normal i would say neither a symptom of HIV/AIDS.but in some cases you are not allowed to have sex with anyone h... Read More »