Just what exactly is going on here?

Answer The song is apparently an entry by Moldova to the European Song Contest, which is basically a competition where the worst songs that each country can find are pitted against each to find the most d... Read More »

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What is this song "If I Lay Here....If I Just Lay Here...."?

Chasing Cars by Snow PatrolFrom the album "Eyes Open"

Do the doctors know exactly what's going on or what happens?

Hi AntimatterDuring a heart attack an EKG is taken to look for damage to the heart muscle because of blockage. This will show up on the EKG to what the type of heart attack is. It could be anything... Read More »

What could be going on here ?

orange discharge is a sign of pregnancy sorry take another test seek doc's advise it might be nothing just your body trying to clear stuff out if you used a condom chances are it split just to be o... Read More »

My father has just had a silent heart attack,what is this exactly?

It's pretty much the same as a normal heart attack except there are usually no symptoms like chest pain or pressure. Any symptoms that are experienced wouldn't usually be associated with a heart at... Read More »