Just suddenly thought ... if by chance the mouse dies ... what do you do?

Answer Use the arrow keys and shortcuts on the keyboard but I do have an old mouse knocking about somewhere.

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Sardines: Just suddenly thought ... have never had them fresh, have you?

Oh yes. A few years ago, we had a choice of two dishes in our hotel for dinner. One of them was sardines, the other was something that we could not even pronounce. We plumped for the sardines and w... Read More »

What food you didn't like b/c of how it looked but once you took a chance & tasted it you suddenly liked it?

I went to a picnic, and they were serving something that looked extremely gross. It was pickles wrapped up in ham with some cream cheese. Eww, it still sounds disgusting but it's so good!

My mouse is suddenly super sensitive. then its not, then it is again.?

Control panel > Printers and other hardware > mouseNow in the tabs click 'Pointer options' then change the speed regarding how sensitive you want it..Now thats if your using windows, if your using ... Read More »

My mouse suddenly stops working please help !?

How old is the mouse? You might just need to cough up the money for a new one.