Just moved house and carried my fridge up a set of stairs. can i plug me fridge in now?

Answer You need to rephrase the question.

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How to move a fridge freezer down 3 flights of stairs?

rent an appliance dolly and straps first off...this is how they got it up the stairs when the brought it to you I am sure.after you get the fridge/freezer on the dolly, wrap it in a blanket to keep... Read More »

Science question Will beer chill faster in an empty fridge or a full fridge?

As an HVAC Master Mechanic I can say the difference would be negligible. To some extent it would depend on the size of the compressors in each fridge and the amount of air flow in each plus some es... Read More »

If a fridge magnet can't hold apiece of paper against a fridge what forces are acting on it?

if a refrigerator magnet cant hold a piece of paper against a refrigerator, the forces acting on the magnet must be what?

My hamster is stuck under fridge, anyone familiar with fridge parts?

You need to get in there and just pull him out. Hamsters cant get stuck easily because there bodies are moldable. If his fur actually is stuck, you just need to cut it with scissors and it will gro... Read More »