Just like C.S.I...can you solve this crime?

Answer Helen is the murder, 100% sure of it! :P

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If you had a crime comitted against you which television detective would you want to solve it?

Ok if it was bad and I was sort of dead then Grissom is my man.If I was alive and well then Inspector Barnaby well come on I need eye candy as well. lol

Where can I find a Sweater just like this?

i got one like that from h &m a while back .. they might still have it

I have just noticed today that one of my nipples is bigger than the other and a lot more oval in shape it was not like this before the other smaller one is round could this be a pregnancy sign?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy this is a sign of you becoming an foolish**Answer from question writter** What is an foolish

Not a question, just thought all you wonderful moms would like this?

Wow this made me a little tear eye. I'm going to call my mom RIGHT NOW!!!!!