Just jammed finger really bad. Ice it or warm water?

Answer definitely straighten it out and ice. the heat wouldnt do much..

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How to know if finger is broken or just jammed?

no its not... if it's broken then ur burning a fever, swelling & can't move it at sounds like it's just sprained or ''jammed'' as u like to say it! :)

Luke warm water with lemon is it really work?

If someone put my hand in warm water while I slept, would I really pee?

Its probably just my water for my house being weird but why is it more cloudy when its warm/hot?

Totally normal. It is millions of tiny air bubbles. The colder a liquid is, the more gas it can hold in solution (if it's in solution as is cold water, it's not visible as bubbles). So, the bubbl... Read More »