Just installed windows vista. doesnt seem compatable with my lexmark z23 printer.?

Answer Have you downloaded Vista drivers from the lexmark website, provided they are available? According to the driver data base it does not show any vista drivers available which would mean its not com... Read More »

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Is a Lexmark printer model X3480 compatable with vista Windows and if not what can be done about it.?

HiThis printer should work fine although I have seen , that on some computers, the driver does not load.Here is the link in case you do need it: the way, go on E... Read More »

Can my lexmark 2500 printer be installed with windows 6.1?

Yes and no. Does your printer come with Windows 7 drivers? No.If you have Windows 7 Pro of Windows 7 Ultimate installed, then you can download the Windows 7 XP mode and you would have to install a... Read More »

Does the Lexmark Z23 printer work in Windows Vista?

How To Make a Lexmark Printer for XP Print on Windows Vista?

Your Lexmark printer might have been originally designed for use with Windows XP, but there is little preventing you from using it with your Vista system. The only major change you will have to mak... Read More »