Just installed a graphics card. My computer found the new hardware and had me reset but now there's no signal?

Answer Despite what people say about computer components being really easy to damage and all that - most of the time they are wrong. Plug things in wrong and it's highly unlikely that anything will be da... Read More »

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Can anyone help my computer detect it's pre-installed graphics card?

Have you considered going to the Acer website and downloading the drivers from there? Nvidia may have made the chip, but computer companies tweak them and make the drivers so that they work on thei... Read More »

When i start my computer a message says no signal to monitor could my graphics card be broken?

First thing to check is that you have the power cable connected to the monitor and it is switched on at the mains, if you have a Green or Orange light this would suggest the power is OK.You get a N... Read More »

How are graphics card installed?

Installing a new graphics card is one of the least difficult PC upgrades, according to Installing a new card can help your computer keep up as games' graphics advance.NeededYou will need ... Read More »

So i installed my graphics card but my game isn't any better?…This is the only direct site for drivers by the manufacturer for that card. What you will need to do: 1. Download the file. 2. Delete ALL graphics drivers... Read More »