Just how far have you come?

Answer I'm working on living by osmosis but not quite there yet... :)Like you I've come to view this as a journey. Not unlike enlightenment I guess. Things are so much different than when I was a kid, at ... Read More »

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I have just had a baby iam separated from the father iam caring for my son full time and receive government pension can the father just come and take my son and is there anything i can do to stop that?

Answer If the couple are married then both have equal parental rights.If the couple are not married many state courts will require paternity to be established even though the presumed father has s... Read More »

Did you have to fight for your maturity level, or did it just come naturally with age?

I had a hard childhood with a crazy mom, I pretty much knew she was not the person to go to for advice ar anything else by the age of ten. No choice but to mature early.

Canon just released the Rebel t1i in the US but I was how come we dont have that here in the Philippines?

It may be badged as the EOS 500D outside of North America. Canon does this to decrease the "grey market".

Need help quick just come up on my avg have 6 trojan horses spy d whats this mean what can i do?

I`m also a computer Technitian. Do as the guy says, and just delete them. However, he says they won`t be on the hard drive anymore. Ha ha, they will, its just there won`t be any reference to the... Read More »