Just got stung by a bee D:<?

Answer first try and get the stinger out if its still in you. do NOT try and pull it out with your finger or tweezers all you'll do is squeeze the venom from the stinger into the open wound. use like a cr... Read More »

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I was just stung by a bee. What do I do?

if u haven't guessed it by know...this is simply foretelling of a huge sting operation surrounding you in the near future. Hide the stash quickly, you ain't got much time. Either this is a sign fro... Read More »

Just got stung in the eye by a wasp?

It will be ok in the morning, just keep ice on it :)

This bug just stung me?

Are you sure that this was a bug? For me it almost look like a big mosquito, so there is no wonder why it is swollen and red. Get some anti itch cream on it, maybe first some alcohol as disinfectio... Read More »

My mom just got stung by 5 wasps..?

i got stung by 3 when i was 7. i was fine. she should be fine but there may be an allergic reaction, and if that is so then yes medical attention will be needed asap. sorry to hear