Just got punched in the lower back and theres a weird pain?

Answer It's probably not serious but you should go to the hospital and get it checked if you're experiencing pain. With backs, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?

Lower back pain. should i get it check or just take some time off?

Get it checked out because it could be anything from kidney infection, sciatica, slipped disc, or trapped nerve. You also need a diagnosis so that u can manage the condition, ie do you stop work a... Read More »

Could lower back pain and lower abdominal pain followed with nausea during intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Could be, could also be a sign of nerves, if you think that your pregnant wait until you have skipped your period by a couple of days and take an at home test or make an appointment with yo... Read More »

Can lower stomach pain and lower back pain be a sign of pregnancy still 1 week to go before af due?

Answer Yes could be. I had this signs a week before my period. But I knew i was pregnant even if the test was negative. My husband and I are trying to conceive for 2 years with our second child. So... Read More »