Just got hd lcd monitor want to use it as tv.?

Answer I Checked out your monitor at the manufacturers website, and I looked at all the ports it has. I hate to have to put anyone down, but the post on C Net tells you a way that works on all monitors, b... Read More »

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My desktop died so I want to connect the monitor to my laptop. Do I just get a VGI-USB adapter or what?

Of course not. You would get a cable that fits the monitor input and what ever your laptop has for video output. Unless you can muster up sense enough to post the make and model of your pc, I sugge... Read More »

Should I wait for a 4k monitor or just get a 1600p/1440p monitor?

What is your profession.??If you are a casual user than get a 1600p/1440p monitor!or if you are a hardcore gamer, or video editor or 3d animator,then definitely wait of 4k monitor :)the bigger the ... Read More »

I want whether a LCD monitor or a CRT monitor is better?

Use an LCD monitor rather than a CRT. Most of us are probably using LCDs today anyway, but if you are using a CRT, consider switching. LCDs use less energy than CRTs. You can easily tell simply fro... Read More »

I just ate my first full meal and don't want to purge but I do want to.?

Stop purging and enjoy the fruits of your mom's labour.You need to put on a few pounds, don't you? If you feel the urge to purge, just splurge and eat an ice cream cone. ;)