Just got braces. please help?

Answer ive had braces for 3 effing years (they told me that i would only haved them for 2)and brackets will fall off,its no big deal wont make a difference usually when you go back theyll put it back on b... Read More »

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Braces please help (please give advice)?

I am an Orthodontist (no I am not pulling a fast one and you can quiz me all you want). The most common reason for brown stains (pigmentation) around the brackets is the food you are consuming or h... Read More »

I just got

im 15 too and got braces on the age of 15 i have had them for 1 month and its no big deal they feel funny at first but sometimes you wont really no there their

I just got braces....i need help!?

Anywhere from 2-7 days depending on your teeth. Here are some tips I came up with:Hi! I got my braces on Sunday (4 days ago) so I am not an expert but I can help you with the know-how. So first off... Read More »

Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?

i have braces too. u should brush ur teeth w/ great care. don't forget to use mouthwash. cause if u don't get all the stuff off ur teeth then when they take them off there will be caveties thet u w... Read More »