Just got braces and have questions to ask! ?

Answer After a few weeks, they just become apart of your mouth and you don't even notice them anymore. The pain should subside in a few days. Take Ibuprofen! Also you may want to have your ortho check out... Read More »

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Questions for braces?

after your molds you will either get tooth extractions IF you need it or you just just get your braces. No you wont be gagging when you get them on and i does not hurt at all when they put them on,... Read More »

I'm new to braces and have some questions...?

I had braces for 4 years. to answer your first question. yes the pain does go away give it a few weeks, take some tylenol. You should eat soft mushy foods for a while. Theres not much really you ca... Read More »

Questions about braces....?

You should carry braces-compatible flossers so you can at least get food out of the braces after each meal and snack. There's nothing nastier than walking around with half a mouthful of food jammed... Read More »

A few questions about braces?

I would get the braces mostly because diastimas (gaps) bug me a lot. If you have the option to you should because you may not have the option later and regret not doing it. The mouth stretcher Thin... Read More »