Just got 20 stitches ?

Answer They are bleeding because you are being too active and pulling on them. I would sit down with my leg up and ice the area for 20 minutes at a time a couple of times tonight. By getting them wet, the... Read More »

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Just got stitches. Can't sleep?

Take some pain killers and you can list to music

Stitches on the head Just wonering a few things?

for the first question yes if you hit your head any time you could go into a coma.on the shaving head thing no you only have to shave where you got the stitches and some hair around it.It just real... Read More »

OK, I just got 7 stitches on my chin. I need some tips to dealing with these. Can you help?

Ouch! Don't get them real wet. I just had stitches in my neck and I would remove the band aid, clean the area with alcohol, put some triple antibiotic salve on them & replace the band aid. Those w... Read More »

Has anyone ever taken stitches out at home My daughter has 3 stitches and I want to take them out myself.?

Its easy. When the wound has healed up simply use a pair of small scissors and clip the stitches. Then you can easily remove them with tweezers. It should not hurt if the wound is healed properly. ... Read More »