Just getting the coffees in.. would you care for one?

Answer I know I'm late, but is there any left????

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Coffee/Smoothie Cafe. Would fresh coffees & smoothies pull you in off the street, & what would U like &expect?

First good luck to you in your venture...and gathering information...You mentioned young dudes...i don't qualify but used to work in a bookstore/coffeeshop and it was the best job in the world!When... Read More »

I have just bought a Yucca plant and would like to know how to care for it?

"They are durable plants and can tolerate being dry. Over watering will show as a brown tip with a yellow halo. Under watering is indicated in shriveled stalks (not woody trunk), and solid yellow a... Read More »

What company would you reccomend to a student who is just getting ready to graduate from truck driving school?

If you have just decided to try to get pregnant and were on the patch for a week would this cause difficulty in getting pregnant?

Answer Please wait awhile (talk to your gynocologist) before you try to become pregnant, it seems when you first get off the patch it is very easy to become pregnant but it will most likely end up ... Read More »