Just for fun I have just "Googled" myself-help!?

Answer You need to change your yahoo messenger ID from public to private. Yahoo answers associates your answers profile along with the yahoo messenger profile.....The bad thing is that those answers have ... Read More »

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Have You Ever "Googled" an Ex's Name, Just To See If Anything Came Up?

i did while i was clearing the junk out of my msn contacts list.i couldn't remember who an email address belonged to so i googled it and discovered a picture of an ex (from about 7+ years ago) who ... Read More »

Ew! I just made a huge mistake & now I am gonna be sick. Have you Googled the image of a blue waffle infection?

I saw the word vadge and there is no way I am going any further.

I just burned myself, plz help?

ice is correct. just keep ice on for 15 min or less

I just cut myself while shaving down there help?

You put a bandaid near your anus? You're fine. It'll heal like everything else you cut while shaving, but do put antibiotic cream on it.