Just for clarification what is the data limit for the iPhone 3GS on o2?

Answer AboutUp to 4,000 songsandUp to 16 hours videoThis is an approximate answer

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Did I go over my data limit?

It would put you very close if not over. Netflix scales down the maximum bit rate for mobile devices. For smartphones the max is 560 Kbps. That is 252 MB per hour. You were at 2.7 GB when you got t... Read More »

How to use an iPhone SIM wih unlimited data plan included in a Sierra Wireless AirCard 875 or any other GSM data card?

Why does the new Iphone 4 only have 2gbs of data and why doesn't it have unlimited data?

There isn't an iPhone model called "iPhone OS". iPhone OS refers to the operating system the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad run. To answer the question, each of these devices are only limited by the ... Read More »

My phone has a 3 gb data limit and right now im at 200mb how many mb do i have left till i reach 3gb?

You have roughly 2870mb left.1 GB = 1024 MB3 GB = 3072 MB3072 - 200 = 2872mb