Just drank soda what will happen to me?

Answer No, you will be perfectly fine. Everything is fine in moderation.

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I drank baked soda with water and vinegar, what will happen to me?

Baking soda (an alkali) mixed with vinegar (an acid) will create a reaction that results in carbon dioxide gas, salt, and water. As long as you have the ability to burp up the gas, you'll be just f... Read More »

What would happen if someone drank ink?

What would happen to you if you only drank coffee?

Coffee, if consumed too much, could cause dehydration and if you do that in the long run, you will die

What would happen if I only drank water?

YES! something would happen. You'd become a lot more healthy. A lot of the things people drink (coffee, soda, processed juices, etc) create acid within your body. Your body has its own PH scale, an... Read More »