Just bought computer second hand will not work?

Answer That's why it's second hand perhaps?

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Ive just bought a second hand iPhone 3Gs off contract with no SIM. can I get free internet preferably with the 3 network?

I just bought a wireless printer and I need help connecting the second computer to it. Help?

You will have to install the software on all your computers

I just bought an hp all in one printer, but the box does not say its windows vista compatible, will it work?

Visit the HP web site and find the technical support page for your printer's model, it will more than likely contain the latest Vista drivers.Good luck.

I just bought a wireless Mouse and Keyboard. What else do I need to make them work on my PersonaL computer?

Just plug them in and maybe you'll have to install a driver. It should've come with them but it may not have, in which case, download it from the makers website.