Just bought computer second hand will not work?

Answer That's why it's second hand perhaps?

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I bought a new computer, but unfortunately it won't work with my monitor.?

is it a crt monitor or old lcd? are you getting picture at bootup. Dell logo etc? if its a crt it may be an issue of resolution setting that the monitor cannot handle. if you can get into safe ... Read More »

I bought a computer on 1998 and doesn't want to work well anymore. Is it better to update it or buy another?

Buy a new one - it's MUCH cheaper than updating a computer that old!

I just bought a wireless Mouse and Keyboard. What else do I need to make them work on my PersonaL computer?

Just plug them in and maybe you'll have to install a driver. It should've come with them but it may not have, in which case, download it from the makers website.

Have you ever bought, or been given 2nd hand things for your child, that you used?

Hand-me-downs and charity shop stuff saved me a lot of money for my daughter.I was given lots of clothes and used the majority of it. The stuff I didn't use was either things that didn't suit my d... Read More »