Just ate some light yogurt & Doritos did i do wrong?

Answer We need a treat now and then. That's not so bad.

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Have you ever had Doritos with plain yogurt what do you use as dip?

I actually have had cheesy doritos with youghurt.... it's extremely tasty. Haha, I'm so weird.

I'm trying to upload some pics to Facebook, but they're not showing up, they're just black. What's wrong?

Its your Flash Player its Not Working Correctly fix your flash player and it should fix the problem

I just made some some hot nummies would you care for some :)?

What's a nummie?Is it like a cake or pastry, because if it is, them MOST DEFIANTLY!

I Dannon Light N Fit yogurt alright to eat on Dr. Phil's weight loss program?

Goldie Hawn His mediocrity can be forgiven since this was his first major forayGoldie Hawn gets much more screen time than Chevy Chase