Just another question about camcorders?

Answer If you need a titling app because your editor's titling isn't good enough, have a play with BluffTitler.To bleep out unwanted noises, add the bleep on another audio track and adjust the relative vo... Read More »

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*Gasp* Another question about immunizations....i just had to ask?

No, your children are fine. My children are fine.All parents make decisions, based on experience or research, that they believe to be in the best interest of their children, whether it is caffeine ... Read More »

Question about camcorders!! Plz Help!?

AIPTEK makes HD camcorders for about $199.99. I once hade one, and the quality was great for its price. Like most small camcorders they do very poor in low light. You could use any type of editing ... Read More »

Just another 'drama' question...?

I am confused too. I don't think she would have her CC# posted anywhere, I think the person "sophs mum" (or something like that) hacked her by using her I.P address.... the person that got hacked w... Read More »

Another question about delayed vaccinations?

I had all the standard vaccinations as a child and still had mumps, pertussis, and rubella; so what good did being vaccinated do me? Granted it was unpleasant for me, but I survived and suffered n... Read More »