Just above my knee i have like 4 purple lines?

Answer stretch marks ?

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I have inner knee pain when i walk, and sometimes my hip joint aches also. just moving my knee will hurt the?

Take a proper treatment from joint pain specialist and I hope that will help you better. . .

I have knee pain woke up and it is painful to extend the knee(only one knee) or bend it in a lot. what is up?

I would suspect you have a weak kidney. The knees can become weak due to this kidney issue. Being in sports and exerting yourself, especially hockey where you are in cold weather, you are not as ... Read More »

How to Smooth Out Wrinkles Above the Knee?

Although wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, many people find them completely unappealing and desperately try to eliminate them. Although wrinkles are sometimes difficult to erase onc... Read More »

When to shave above your knee?

You should shave all of both your legs when you notice them looking differently, although i would do it now, because if you dont notice, someone else will and they will let you know, embarrassing y... Read More »