Just a yes or no answer PLEASE?

Answer YES.1. Change mail settings to show full headers.2. Go to Copy in the IP address from the headers (ex: It gives origin.Sorry if you wanted a yes or n... Read More »

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Did I just brake my toe please answer?

If it is swollen, you might have broken it, but it is unlikely you broke it by stubbing it. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do for broken toes. You have to just let it heal on its own

URGENT! Just PLEASE answer?

I've been wearing contacts for years, there are two things that may have happened.1) The blurry contact is inside out. It's really hard to tell if you have them the right way or not, so if a lens g... Read More »

1 or 2 Answer please its just choosing a number?

Please answer right now! I think I just hada heaart attak!!!?