Just a quick question about exercise?

Answer have you mentioned this to your doctor? about the injuries i meanif not, i would. the reason is b'cos certain exercises can to be done to strengthen hip and back muscles, and injuries to the back c... Read More »

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Just a quick question for my own curiosity......?

Hi! I'm from Colorado and I only use cane sugar. I find that beet sugar has a very bad smell (kind of like mildew) and doesn't taste anywhere near as good as cane sugar.

Just a quick question to all movie fans?

No, you're not even the real Kim.....She isn't as self centered publicly and especially on yahoo answers

Good morning beautiful ladies; just a quick question?

Omg ANGIE hun Im so so excited for you...I can wait until you take the HPT!!It sound's like Implantation bleeding ANGIE...What does implantation bleeding look like?Most women report experiencing im... Read More »

Question about abs exercise?

I think what your doing would work very well, but it might tone up quicker if you did different types of ab exercises. Your body will eventually know that your gonna do it, and it won't work as wel... Read More »