Just a question about a printer?

Answer It's hard to say if it will or not, depends on the place you printed it at. Maybe it is stuck in a print queue & will print later or maybe it just never got sent & will never show up. Ideally you s... Read More »

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Question about printer drivers ?

No it's because of the display programming in the printer installation software.I have got two printers as well and they do exactly the same as yours.Perfectly normal.

Question about my Dell AIO 926 Printer?

You are partly right that the carriage is jammed. The trouble is that you may not be able to clear it. It is underneath the ink tanks First take out all of the cartridges and see if you can see any... Read More »

Question about hpoffice jet printer and mac?

Try the mac program image capture or have the scanned file usually in .pdf format go to a shared folder on your mac.

Question about Dell printer?

Disconnect the Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable from the back of the product, but leave the product turned onOpen the cover of the product and remove the print cartridgesClose the cover and wait fo... Read More »