Juris Doctorate Degrees?

Answer After completing law school, students earn what is called a Juris Doctorate, or J.D. This degree is required in most states for individuals interested in practicing law professionally. The degree i... Read More »

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Uses for a Juris Doctorate?

A juris doctorate (J.D.) is the professional degree for attorneys in United States. J.D. programs can take anywhere from three to five years to complete. In addition to granting a graduate the oppo... Read More »

What is a juris doctorate in law?

A Juris Doctorate or J.D. is a professional doctorate degree conferred by law schools. It is now the primary law degree in the United States.OriginThe J.D. first rose into prominence in the United ... Read More »

How do I obtain a juris doctorate?

Earn DegreeComplete your undergraduate degree. There is no required major for acceptance into law school, but you must receive a bachelor's degree. Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and ap... Read More »

What is a juris doctorate degree?

A juris doctorate (JD) is the technical term for a professional law degree obtained at an accredited university after several years of study. A JD enables an individual to pursue a career in the le... Read More »