Jumping on a trampoline as an exercise?

Answer My mom jumps on the tramp sometimes, apparently its a really good workout because your constantly using your core muscles and everything in between :)Hope that helped!

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How much cardiac exercise do you get from a mini trampoline?

Jumping on a mini trampoline will have different effects on your cardiac heart rate depending on how high and fast you jump. The average person will get the same cardiac exercise benefit per minut... Read More »

How to Exercise on a Full Sized Trampoline?

Trampolines can be fun for kids and adults! They provide you with exercise to keep you healthy and in good shape. If you jump on a trampoline,you strengthen your muscles and burn calories,keeping y... Read More »

Is jumping rope a good cardio exercise?

Jumping rope can be a good aerobic exercise. For most people it´s pretty vigorous, so intervals may be the best way to go. Warm up with some brisk walking, then jump for two minutes, rest a minute... Read More »

How to Build a Show Jumping Gymnastic Exercise?

Improve your techniqueA gymnastic exercise is any related distance between two or more jumps that is used to improve the jumping technique of both horse and rider. While there are literally thousan... Read More »