Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks?

Answer You are right, he cannot avoid the investigation forever. (Though the allegations really have very little to do with Wiki-leaks itself, save that the two women involved both work for Wiki-leaks Sw... Read More »

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How to Draw a Caricature of Julian Assange?

The CARICATURE is based funny thinks... It speak with art the human special understandings... It show the specific of the her or him on their face or activities. All always like the CARICATURE..

When was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London?

Julian Assange was arrested by the London Metropolitan Police on 7 December 2010 by appointment, after a voluntary meeting with the police.

What do wiki leaks do ?

It releases important things out on the Internet that are private files and belong to the internet

What is the website wiki leaks?

Their actual website is and it is currently blocked. So now it is serving from