Judge's son is a lawyer and lawyer's father is a policewho is lawyer's father?

Answer The Judge must be female so the lawyers father is the cop

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What is the average criminal lawyer's salary compared to other lawyers?

According to PayScale, the average salary for a criminal lawyer is $49,178 to $91,835, depending on experience and location. Other forms of law pay better, such as personal injury law, which pays $... Read More »

Mother did not tell father she was pregnant to prevent father from seeing baby What should father do?

well in how in the first place, if this is this the father, how did u find out in the first place? and then i would go down to the local court house and file either solecustody or joint custody. th... Read More »

Does a father have legal options available when the mother has promoted her boyfriend to the role of father while keeping the birth father with a custody agreement from being able to perform that role?

Answer No, that is not a legal issue.The modification of a custodial order will not change the situation at hand. A judge will not issue an order of how a child should or should not refer to anoth... Read More »

Can father give up parental rights without a lawyer?

Answer Yes, every adult has the legal option to represent themselves in a court of law, unless a judge rules otherwise.Be advised, that the court can (and usually will) appoint a Guardian Ad Litem... Read More »