Journeymen Associations?

Answer The term "journeyman" goes back into the Middle Ages, referring to a craftsman who has completed his apprenticeship period but has not yet presented a guild with his master work for the purposes of... Read More »

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MBA Associations?

Master's of Business Administration degrees provide many opportunities to advance your career. Membership in an MBA Association provides guidance, connections and the opportunity to learn from prof... Read More »

Psychological Associations?

Psychology is the the science of studying human behavior and the function of the mind. Different areas of psychology exist, ranging from child psychology to criminal psychology. According to the Am... Read More »

Parliamentarian Associations?

Parliamentary procedure is used in large assemblies, corporate boardrooms and legislative bodies, including the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. The National Association of Parliamentarian... Read More »

Student Associations?

Student associations strengthen leadership skills and socialization skills for college students. Students can network with others, support a cause or complete community service activities in studen... Read More »