Journals on School Administration?

Answer Administrators lead the educational team in schools and universities. Journals on school administration are invaluable to such practitioners because they provide information on current practices as... Read More »

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Differences Between the Administration at a Public School & a Private School?

All schools, public and private, need an administrator to handle issues outside of the classroom, meet state reporting requirements and make decisions. Although public and private schools have the ... Read More »

Courses in School Administration?

School administration is important business. School administrators don't just manage teachers, but also the students who teachers manage. It is a shared responsibility, and the better prepared an a... Read More »

The Use of Computers in School Administration?

When the first vacuum tube-based computers were developed in 1946, nobody would have predicted the extent to which these technological devices would be used in a few decades. Computers have become ... Read More »

Ethics in School Administration?

Overseeing the operation and management of a school is a challenging and rewarding way to influence the future of education. The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) recommends that... Read More »