Journalism's Statement of Professional Ethics & Responsibility?

Answer Besides print, television and radio, people can now get their news from podcasts, videos, blogs and websites. With this new media come new ethical challenges for professionals. The Society of Profe... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between an Ethics Statement & a Code of Ethics?

In life, we are faced with ethical decisions that may impact our personal and professional lives. As such, ethics statements and codes of ethics can keep our moral compass in line with our values.

What is the difference between an ethics statement&a code of ethics?

Ethics play a part in many aspects of our lives, from relationships to business. However, despite what the context is, ethics are a reflection of our values and are rooted in our moral judgment and... Read More »

Corporate Responsibility & Ethics?

The notion that corporations have responsibilities and that they should abide by ethics is an idea that corporations ought to be treated much in the same fashion as humans.

Ethics & Moral Responsibility?

People have always been concerned with right and wrong, and sought to fulfill their obligations to do good. Over the years, philosophers have stepped forward with a number of different theories tha... Read More »