Jonas Brother Would You Rather!! Jonas Fans ONLY!!?

Answer ummm....kiss them once...i guessemail address...i have horrible stage frightNick say I'm prettymeet them & get huggedmarry a Jonas

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Jonas Brother would u rather #2 for me=only fans.?

1.)sit in the back row and walk out with them.2.)talk with them for 1 whole day.3.)eat with them at a place called Cappucino Corner4.)have them bake me a cake with their signatures on it.

Calling all jonas brother fans!?

Yepp, suree... ** here's a star for the Jonas Brothers (I'd give you a million stars if I could...) =) And well... why I like them you ask ? Cause of EVERYTHING they do. They're really down to eart... Read More »

Calling all JONAS BROTHER fans!!?

I love the Jonas Brothers insanely! They are my life! I'm so obsessed, and everyone says so (my parents, my friends, who also have major OJD, everyone)I eat, sleep, and breathe Jonas all day and al... Read More »

Jonas Fans, It's a Mega Jonas Poll!!?

1)Be best friends with them2)Umm..Have front row seats to all their concerts(cause then maybe i will meet them)3)Joe's best best best friendWho Said This?1)Kevin2)Nick3)Joe( I love that video!)Vide... Read More »