Joint or Pipe for weed which one is more effective 10 points?

Answer Neither will get you 'higher', but pipes conserve weed, no question. I suppose you'll get higher from smoking the same amount of marijuana in a pipe vs in a joint, but it's really not that huge of... Read More »

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Which is more cost effective to turn my pc on & off 5-10 times, or to just leave it on?

I agree with the people that said if you are going back to use it constantly leave it on and put it to "sleep " but I turn it off at night because ( I have Vista ) and that's when it does updates... Read More »

Which of these snacks is more healthy (10 points)?

Go for the Blueberry ICEE. probably little to no fat, just high sugar. All the rest have high fat and sodium. Sugar burns off easier than fat. Believe it or not, the Starbucks drink packs a LOT... Read More »

Which tea is more effective for lean muscle maintenance Green Tea OR Yerba Mate?

Green tea, always. It is healthy and natural.

Which are more effective. Over the shoulder steadycam or handheld balanced steadicam?

Hi Greg: Actually, you are using the same trade-name (Steadicam) to describe two different shooting styles (only one of which is properly referred to as "steadicam"). That's kinda like saying "wip... Read More »