John Deere 3400 Manual Telehandler Specifications?

Answer A telehandler is a specialized front end loader tractor with high-lift, high-weight capacities. Telehandlers are used for agricultural applications such as loading high-clearance trucks which requi... Read More »

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John Deere Crawler Specifications?

John Deere manufactures turbo-charged, diesel-powered crawlers in two major categories: loaders and dozers. The crawler loader is equipped to dig, load and transport material loads, while dozer cra... Read More »

John Deere 325 Dozer Specifications?

Skid steer vehicles are also called skid loaders. The vehicles assist with construction and demolition tasks using powerful extenders equipped with attachments. The John Deere 325 is classified a... Read More »

Specifications for a John Deere 310A Backhoe?

The John Deere 310A Backhoe picks up, transports and dumps material, such as soil, at construction sites. The arm on this backhoe can turn to the right or left, and the bucket can scoop up debris f... Read More »

Specifications for a John Deere 325 Skid Steer?

The John Deere 325 skid steer loader was part of the company’s line of midsized construction loaders. This line included five loaders ranging in horsepower from about 60 to 85 hp. The model 325 w... Read More »