Jobs to Do With Studying Animals?

Answer A career working with animals does not always have to involve performing surgery on someone's pet dog or working as a local dog catcher. Studying animals professionally as a behaviorist or a zookee... Read More »

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The Advantages of Studying Animals in Captivity?

Zoos may be the first places that spring to mind when thinking of wild or non-domesticated animals in captivity, but they are hardly the only places that keep captive animals. Wildlife rehabilitati... Read More »

How to Prioritize Studying Nursing Full Time and Working Two Jobs?

Nursing is a rigorous academic course of study with a vast amount of information that a student must learn to be able to care for patients once she becomes a nurse and works in an actual medical fa... Read More »

Jobs Helping Animals?

There are many jobs available for helping animals, either directly or indirectly. Because so many people may share your feelings, you are likely to find that these jobs are highly competitive. Howe... Read More »

Jobs That Work With Sea Animals?

With the majority of the world covered in oceans -- and a large part of them unexplored -- many people are fascinated with ocean creatures. There are several occupations available in this area, and... Read More »