Jobs of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs?

Answer It's possible that everything you know about Egyptian pharaohs is what you've read in the Old Testament or seen on the History Channel. It's natural to be curious about these men who were born int... Read More »

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Comparison Between Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian Water Sources?

Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures were both highly successful in very arid regions. Each was entirely dependent on rivers for their water as there was little or no rain in either place. Egypt depe... Read More »

How to Act As an Ancient Egyptian Princess?

Have you ever loved Ancient Egypt. And wondered what it felt like to be an Ancient Egyptian Princess? Well, nows your chance.

Ancient Egyptian Schools?

Ancient Egyptians held education in high regard, but it was reserved for boys from noble and wealthy families and never for girls. Many jobs went from father to son, and many lower class boys were ... Read More »

Ancient Egyptian Art Lessons?

Ancient Egypt produced some awe-inspiring and historically fascinating artwork which makes for an interesting subject for school pupils to study. From sculptures of pharaohs and queens to the hiero... Read More »