Jobs in Printing Technology?

Answer Printing is a ubiquitous term covering a wide array of technologies and trades. Ranging from mass production offset, flexographic and intaglio printing to more specialized letterpress and giclée p... Read More »

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3D Printing Process & Technology?

Guided by digital design software inputs, 3-D printers build three-dimensional objects out of super-thin, successive layers of thermoplastic material deposited on a print bed inside the machine. 3-... Read More »

Where can I learn about 3D printing technology?

Browse Youtube or Instructables. It's still in it's infancy and has an unlimited potential. It reminds me of radio in it's early days.edit ..This was on this morning Read More »

Silk Screen Printing Technology?

Silk-screen printing, also known as screen printing and serigraphy, is a technology developed first in China during the first century of the Christian era. An Englishman, Samuel Simon, later patent... Read More »

Jobs in the Printing Industries?

Jobs in the printing business can be unique and exciting. Starting with the graphic designer position, designing ads, brochures, and programs can be a fun and invigorating opportunity. Pre-press an... Read More »