Jobs With a Criminal Justice Associate Degree?

Answer There a number of ways to gain the training and education required for a career in law enforcement. If you don't have the money or the time for a four-year criminal justice degree, you can earn a t... Read More »

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A List of Careers in Criminal Justice With an Associate Degree?

The capture, prosecution and rehabilitation of criminals is dependent on the legal system. Those who study criminal justice learn how the legal system can be applied to prevent and control crime wi... Read More »

What is the hourly rate for someone holding an associate's degree in criminal justice?

The hourly pay rate for individuals who hold a criminal justice degree varies by position held. According to, the current rates are as follows (last updated January 29, 2011):Security ... Read More »

What Are Five Resources You Would Utilize to Earn an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice?

An associate's degree in criminal justice prepares students for careers in local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as careers in private security, insurance investigations and probation w... Read More »

What jobs can one get with a criminal justice degree?

With a degree in criminal justice, there are a wide variety of career options that you could go into. A criminal justice degree will allow you to go directly into some careers, while others will r... Read More »