Jobs That Pick Up Dead Bodies from the Crime Scene?

Answer Believe it or not, but it takes a particular career path, training, certification and understanding of blood pathogens and contaminant safety measures to become a crime scene cleanup technician. Yo... Read More »

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What is the song used in episode CSI Crime Scene Investigation All In when they showed the Huxley era scene?

What is the name of the CSI Crime Scene Investigation episode in which the last scene looks like Grissom in a guest bedroom begging Catherine to stay in the room as he lies there and the door closes?

Nothing has beed said about it yes, so, hopefully no. Actually, he said he might be back full time next season(in the interview with TV Guide)

Are csi dead bodies actors?

Tuesday (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM) 06-05-2012

What is the correct name for a Doctor that check "dead bodies"?

Depends, most are called Coroners. Some, have special training and are Forensic Pathologists. The last group is the ones who can dig deep into the cause of death and nothing gets past them. In many... Read More »