Jobs That Pay Over $100K Without a Degree?

Answer In today's sluggish economy, an education beyond high school is almost mandatory when it comes to finding a high-paying position. High school graduates are often looked over by employers for their ... Read More »

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If you have 100k in assets and 100k worth of liability insurance wouldn't somebody just be able to sue me for 200k?

What someone sues you for rarely has anything to do with how much insurance you have. As a practical matter, the plaintiff will rarely go after the personal assets of a tortfeasor, unless there are... Read More »

What other jobs can I get with an RN degree?

Not every nursing student is destined for the hospital setting. Fortunately, there are other jobs available utilizing an RN degree that may be outside of the normal RN roles.The FactsNurses with an... Read More »

What Jobs Can You Get With a Degree in Pre-med?

A pre-med degree is a curriculum required for students who are considering applying to medical school. Pre-med refers to the coursework, and many universities do not offer it as a major. Instead, s... Read More »

Jobs That Need an MBA Degree?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is designed for students interested in high-level business and financial positions. An MBA offers a scientific and practical approach to management ... Read More »