Jobs That Are Hiring Felons?

Answer A felon is anyone who commits a felony and has been convicted of the crime. Felony offenses can be punishable with a wide range of penalties, ranging from at least a year of imprisonment to death. ... Read More »

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Jobs That Are Hiring at the Age of 15?

The U.S. Department of Labor has specific laws in place regarding the employment of children who are 15 years old. Work is restricted to no more than 18 hours in a school week, and jobs that are co... Read More »

I need some jobs that are hiring for teens(16yo or up)in chicago il.and a used car place thats cheap pls help?

It will depend on your preference. Currently car hiring services is quite hot in the job market. And if you wish to get a job in that market, you may easily land up a job with your skills.

Are felons protected from unfair hiring practices under any Homeland Security Laws?

No, many us laws and policies ensure that Felons loose the right to work in many environments: these practices are in violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (but good luck ensu... Read More »

Jobs for felons?

This is a problem all over. If there are no jobs, the best is make your own works for felons and recessions. Start a company to put felons to work and Clevland or Ohio might put up some c... Read More »