Jobs That Allow Piercings?

Answer Although each workplace has a different culture, there are definitely industries that are more tolerant of unconventional fashion statements such as piercings, tattoos and fauxhawks. In general, th... Read More »

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Real experiences with tattoos/piercings & jobs?

Here we go. I work for a placement agency placing people in IT and Business jobs (recruiter). My boss lives and works in St. Louis, so she only sees me about 5 or 6 times a year. The last time s... Read More »

Someone who knows about the healing process of piercings (specifically nose piercings)?

That's completely normal. Nose piercings are very very sensitive and can be for up to a year or so after getting it pierced. Two of my nose piercings that I've now had for about 2 and a half years ... Read More »

How do snake bite lip piercings look with clear piercings?

hey i have a picture for u that i hop ehelps u but it wont let me post it on here so ill send it to your email. i hope it helpss! its a very good picture!

If my first ear piercings are uneven, does that mean I can't get double piercings ?

no you can get them, if you take the earings out of the uneven holes for a while they will heal over and close so it shouldnt be a problem (: