Jobs Related to Immigration?

Answer A variety of immigration-related jobs are available in the United States. As the government strives to work on immigration regulations and issues, the Department of Homeland Security employs approx... Read More »

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How is immigration policy related to homeland security?

The Second President Bush; in response to the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center and pentagon; as well as the plane which was forced into Earth by Passengers to avert it from hitting any Tar... Read More »

The Effects of Immigration on Jobs?

A 2003 report by the Center for Immigration Studies claimed that the Immigration and Naturalization Service estimated that 420,000 illegal aliens enter the United States each year. Considering the ... Read More »

The Requirements for Immigration Jobs?

Becoming an immigration officer isn't easy and certification has a number of requirements to ensure that all applicants are right for the job. These requirements entail a degree or training in the ... Read More »

Lists of Immigration Jobs?

Just like any sort of government agency, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, or ICE for short, employs a wide range of different positions. As a sub department of the Department of Home... Read More »