Job Functions of a Chief Information Officer?

Answer With all the acronyms in the corporate world, including CEO, CFO and CIO, it's sometimes difficult to know who does what within a corporation. The CIO is the chief information officer, and understa... Read More »

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What is a chief information officer?

Ever read an article or journal, run across the acronym CIO and wonder what it stands for? It's a business acronym that stands for "chief information officer," and is considered a top-level executi... Read More »

Who is the DoD Component Chief Information Officer?

According to DoD Directive 8000.01 (January 2009): Each DoD Component shall have a CIO who reports directly to the Head of the Component. The component CIOs are appointed by the heads of the DoD c... Read More »

Description of a Chief Information Officer?

Chief information officers are highly-placed, well-paid executive officers in majorcorporations. They help plan and coordinate overall technological direction and are answerable to the chief execut... Read More »

The Responsibilities of a Chief Information Officer?

A chief information officer (CIO) is a term usually given to a senior executive in a company in charge of the development of information technology and computer systems. Chief information officers ... Read More »