Job Description of an Army Production Control Clerk?

Answer In 2009, the United States military employed more than 2.4 million people, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Production control clerk positions are one of many jobs that are essential toward... Read More »

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What army regulation covers the army planning and orders production?

Unfortunately, this is a medically disqualifying condition. However, the doctor at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)will make that determination. Your local recruiter can have your... Read More »

Law Clerk Job Description?

Law clerks are an integral part of the legal and judicial system, and a clerkship can be an important stepping stone for those interested in a legal career, providing future legal professionals wit... Read More »

HR Clerk Job Description?

An HR clerk handles office duties for the human resources department of a company. HR clerks type letters, forward mail, answer phones, file reports and greet potential employees and help schedule ... Read More »

Legal Clerk Job Description?

Legal clerks, also known as law clerks, work in law offices or in courts assisting with various administrative work. Legal clerks can be thought of as the heart of the legal system. They work with ... Read More »