Job Description for an Event Volunteer?

Answer In 2008, volunteers provided an average of $20.25 per hour worth of service to non-profit organizations nationwide, according to, for an estimated $162 billion value. An event... Read More »

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What is the job description for a volunteer caregiver?

A volunteer caregiver is an individual who assists elderly, disabled and otherwise incapacitated patients in carrying out basic daily activities. While many caregivers perform these tasks for famil... Read More »

Youth Volunteer Job Description?

According to the Youth Volunteer Corps of America (see the Resources section), a youth volunteer is a child between the ages of 11 and 18 who volunteers to work for organizations such as nonprofit ... Read More »

Volunteer Position Description?

Volunteers provide valuable service for organizations, and they would like to know, the same as employees, what an organization expects from them. Clear volunteer job descriptions are important in ... Read More »

Money Management Volunteer Job Description?

Money management volunteers, also known as personal financial advisors, provide their expertise without monetary compensation. They teach financial literacy to a variety of individuals, families, s... Read More »