Jewish Charities That Take Clothing Donations?

Answer A common feature of Jewish communities around the world is the strong infrastructure for charitable giving, usually organized at the grass roots by the local synagogues and temples and coordinated ... Read More »

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Jewish Charities That Take Clothing?

Charity, or Tzedakah in Hebrew, is often seen as a religious obligation in the Jewish tradition. Jewish charities all over the world accept donations to help the less fortunate. However, many of th... Read More »

Are donations to charities tax free?

Monetary donations to charities approved by the Internal Revenue Service are tax deductible on annual income taxes. Donations of items such as clothes and books are deductible based on the market v... Read More »

How to Calculate Clothing Donations for Taxes?

A number of non-profit organizations, like Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul, provide community aid through selling second hand goods. Each year people donate clothing, furniture, computers, applian... Read More »

What is the deductible amount for clothing donations for tax purposes?

You can deduct the fair market value of your clothing donations for tax purposes. However, the clothing must be in good or better condition, unless the item is worth more than $500 and you have it ... Read More »