Jewelry Facts on Tanzanite?

Answer Tanzanite is a semiprecious gemstone used in jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are considered the four precious gemstones by jewelers because of their popularity and rarity. All oth... Read More »

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How to Evaluate Tanzanite Jewelry?

Tanzanite is a beautiful blue stone that is mined in Tanzania. It is a fairly rare stone because it exists naturally only in the mines in this country and is generally rather small in size. The sto... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a relatively new discovery compared to other types of gems. Tanzanite was discovered in 1962 in northern Tanzania in Africa, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Five yea... Read More »

What is Tanzanite used for?

Tanzanite is a gemstone that is only mined in the African country of Tanzania. It is used in jewelry and comes in many different shades of blue, ranging from violet-blue to aquamarine blue.Source:I... Read More »

What Is a Tanzanite Gem?

Tanzanite is a rare blue gemstone that is found in East Africa. describes it as the crystalline form of the mineral zoisite and explains that zoisite forms in the presence of vanadiu... Read More »